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AVKARA is a lifestyle brand that embraces simplicity and ease with our bright and unique outdoor products. Our approach to lounging anywhere comfortably and in style all started with The Earth Lounger which has an inflatable backrest, lightweight, and durable fabric, that will be your cherished traveling companion for years to come.

The Earth Lounger was inspired by our love for the outdoors and creating a more comfortable solution to sitting on the ground. The Earth Lounger will become apart of your daily lifestyle in order to enjoy more destinations such as; the pool, lake, park, concerts, and the slow afternoons just playing in the sand with your family. 

The possibilities are endless with The Earth Lounger!

Key Features


The Earth Lounger is designed with an oversized backrest that provides optimum comfort in your favorite setting.

Inflatable Backrest

The Earth Lounger is easy to use with carefully chosen materials for optimized weight and comfort.


The Earth Lounger inflates and deflates quickly and is portable to allow you to lounge anywhere!

Perfect for any Excursion.


What a game-changer! This lounger is extremely easy to bring anywhere and I bring it on all vacations to the pool, beach, parks, etc! I have little kids so it’s very comfortable to lay against it when I breastfeed or they can lay against it with me since it’s a great size! Love it!

Jen G.

My kids and I love the AVKARA lounger! We plan on using it every day this summer at the park, swim lessons, lake, and beach! It’s absolutely gorgeous… and so very comfortable. I especially appreciate the features to secure it in place on windy days. I am looking forward to enjoying it daily!


Ashley M.

I love this lounger! It is so compact and light, making it easy to bring anywhere you want. I take mine to the beach and don’t have to carry a bulky beach chair. The design is also super cute!

Lindsey C.

This lounger is the best! With having kids I just love how easy it is to clean and that it is so comfy. My family and I love using it on our camping trips and at concerts in the park.

Candace M.

I love how easy it is to pack up and carry. Makes trips to the beach and pool much easier than lugging around a bunch of clunky chairs. It’s very comfy and cute too!

Kate P.

Beyond thrilled with our Avkara Lounger! It’s the perfect addition to our beach adventures and park playdates. Quick set-up and easy to clean.

Erin R.

This is a great lounge chair especially if you have a toddler and go anywhere from the park to the beach. It has great support for when you are on the floor. This is comfortable and very easy to inflate, it takes less than 5 minutes (I use a portable inflator). I enjoy having this in my car for unexpected park visits. The fabric is nice and comfortable, the print is really cute. It is easy to clean and has storage pockets. This really is great for keeping in the car. It has good back support which is a great option, especially for the beach. Honestly, if you have a young kid (or kids) this is a must-have item and will make your life a little easier!


The lounger is well made and the colors are vibrant! Even if the weather is not great, you can still use it in the living room for a movie night or extra seating for guests. It’s easy to use and looking forward to using it often!


This lounger is my new favorite mom item. With such ease, I can have a comfortable place to sit while my son plays. This mat is durable for any terrain and cleans easily. I did not know the sides of the lounger had pockets. My excitement was equivalent to when you learn a dress has pockets! All around a great product and one we will use for years to come.
Another point worth mentioning is this was built by another mom. Moms supporting moms is a beautiful thing. Get your Earth Lounger today!

Kylee C.